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About us

Yosef Schmidt is the founder of MMA COMMANDOS and owner of the BEAST LAB. He is a MMA fighter and coach in one of the top MMA gyms in Israel located in Jerusalem. Since 2016 Yosef has been coaching MMA and street fighting (krav maga)  both in group classes and one on one training sessions. 


Having competed in multiple mixed martial arts competitions (MMA, BJJ, kickboxing) through years of personal experience, he knows that the techniques he teaches work in and out of the ring.


Yosef served and trained for three years in the Israeli special forces, where there he experienced mental and physical challenges that helped him to become the outstanding fighter and coach he is today. He competed in the IDF special forces hand-to-hand combat fighting competitions and won two years in a row. In his service, under extreme conditions, stressful moments, and sleepless nights Yosef had to give his 100% and perform his best under pressure in life-and-death situations. 


His military experience has served as a model for pushing his students to perform under the mental, physical, and psychological demands that are required in a competitive context.

It is strongly present in his training classes by insisting on top performance under pressure and exhaustion. “The mindset you get in our training style is to give your 100% even when you feel there is nothing left,” says Yosef. 


Through the years, Yosef has trained hundreds of clients of all levels, ages, and different body types. He takes his students to the next level by pushing them beyond their boundaries and making them a better version of themselves. He is deeply motivated and finds eminent fulfillment and satisfaction in teaching and seeing his clients succeed in meeting their goals and expectations. 

Yosef does not only strive to push his students into the competitive world of MMA but truly believes that this also cultivates a sense of empowerment, discipline, and as a result, a strong sense of self-worth. 

Yosef’s goal is to reach a global audience and inspire them to be a part of his long-term dream. This is why we created MMA COMMANDOS so that YOU can join this thriving community and participate in this incredible journey.

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